trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky

I've come to think so many poems are really prose with the silence put in.

When your heart is cored from you,
and all that remains is your memory -
a fragile ghost uncertain in the cringing space made raw and bleeding,
a wish for rain and touch and old heart-felt dreaming -
of what it was,

then, you know it better than ever before.
You learn it from missing it.
From your mind reaching, like a tongue going
helplessly, instinctively,
the place where a tooth was,
while the world whistles through.

And you will learn, although you won't believe me,
not now, maybe not even after it happens,
that hearts grow again
just the same as they were

grown again
a hundred times before.

title quote by Kahlil Gibran


  1. Ahh, my friend *just* gave me The Prophet to read by Kahlil Gibran, and so this post title and your prose with silence ;-) are timely. I'll have to spend some time digesting your thoughts here. I am the type of poetry reader who has to remind herself to slow down and let the white space speak, too.

    I agree with you that all is poetry. I've been taking lots of tree photos this winter, because the trees are my mentors. I love them through all seasons but it's in the winter—when they are barest against the cold sky—that I truly love to study them and learn what it means to be unique.

  2. Ah yes, people are poems, and trees. I love the way you think, the things you point out.

  3. Not being a Kiwi, I am not sure if it is politically (in)correct to wish someone happy Waitangi day, or just let the silences speak blessings and rememberances. I hope you had a good day.

    1. so far its going not so great, but oh well. Yes, you do wish happy Waitangi Day, although for most NZers its really just a day off work, because its still very associated with Maori issues rather than being one of shared nationhood.

    2. Well I hope you have a happy Day-after-Waitangi-Day instead, and that things start looking up :-)

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