pieces of poetry

I have not read many Rumi poems in their entireity. I love the way pieces of them drift through the universe ... the internet, other books, conversations ... like dandelion seeds, or coiled brown leaves, or fragments of music from some distant stereo. With this poet, I choose the ephemeral experience, the catching of pieces to bring sudden wonder to my days.


  1. Sweet - verification is still there...

  2. Simply beautiful~
    visiting from Kim Klassen

    1. thank you, your kind comment is so appreciated

  3. Beautiful - both the photo and the quote. Lovely texture work too!

  4. So lovely, wonderful photo and quote !
    Nice week,

  5. I love how they drift through the universe too. What a lovely way to say it, and strangely, you have put my mind at ease with these words.... sometimes when I read a poem and I love something about it, I feel the need to contain it somehow, but I don't know what to do with it. Do I write it down? Convert it to memory? I need to have it in a tangible sense, but nothing seems satisfying. Do you know what I mean, or am I speaking gobbledygook?
    Why not just let them drift?