resource list for spiritual homeschooling

I believe as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but souls having a human experience. Consequently, I believe everything in education should take place from a religious foundation. There is much available for Christian homeschoolers who feel the same way. The following resources may be helpful to those who have a pagan faith.

Note: not all pagans are Wiccans (I myself am not), but the terms are often used interchangeably. Where possible, I have tried to add precision. 

Education resources

Blessed Be
A digital magazine with a rich multitude of resources for pagan homeschoolers. See a small sample here.

Oak Meadow
This Waldorf-inspired homeschooling curriculum is a lovely resource for pagan families. Waldorf education has a rich spiritual heart.

Live Education
Another Waldorf-based homeschooling curriculum.

Another Waldorf-inspired, spirit and earth centred, curriculum for homeschoolers.

Global Village School
An online homeschooling programme

Raising Witches
A curriculum for those of the Wiccan faith.

Sacred Grove Academy
A cover school for pagan homeschooling families in America.

Hellenic Classical Curriculum
For pagans interested in a classical approach to homeschooling. With more general information here.

Enki Education
An holistic, multicultural homeschool curriculum.

A Witch's Primer, Grade One
A children's textbook for Wicca.

My First Little Book of Wicca
Also a textbook for Wiccan children aged 4-7, contains colouring pages, songs, and activities.

ABC Book of Shadows
A beautifully illustrated pagan-centric alphabet learning book.

A Pagan Book of ABCs
For Kindle use.

Pagan Homeschooling
More Wiccan than Pagan.

Adventures in Steiner Education
A general introduction to the Waldorf method of teaching.

Pagan Family Culture Guides

Circle Round
A guide to raising children in Goddess traditions, along the lines of "All Year Round".

An Ordinary Girl - A Magical Child
Children's book explaining the pagan religion. There is a second volume called Rupert's Tales.

Pagan Parenting
Spiritual, magical, and emotional development of the child. It has a Wiccan focus which may be unhelpful to Pagans who don't identify with that path, emphasising magic, new age ideas, and altars etc.

Growing Up Pagan
A handbook for Wiccan families.

The Pagan Family
A general guide to pagan family living, including activities for children to help them explore the faith.

Pagan Moonbeams
This newsletter is out of print but the archives remain.

Pooka Pages
Online game and activity resources for pagan children

Moon Dragon
pagan stories for children

Parenting by the Moon
a list of resources here for pagan parents

Resources for Seasonal Learning and Living

Celebrating the Great Mother
A handbook of earth-honouring activities for children of any spirituality.

All Year Round
Although this is a Christian book, there are many wonderful ideas for those who honour the seasons.

Festivals, Family, and Food
Similar to All Year Round.

The Earth Child's Handbook 
A primer, reference, and activity book for children whose families are pagan. A second volume explores the sabbats, including crafts and activities for young children to do.

Handbook of Nature Study
The classic by Anna Comstock which has been used and loved by homeschooling families for years.

Keeping A Nature Journal
Techniques and practices for all ages.

Walking the World in Wonder
A children's herbal.

Kid's Herb Book
A children's herbal with a magical perspective.

Garden Wizardry for Kids
View online.

An adventure board game.

A Beautiful Place
Co-operative eco board game.

Mother Earth and her Children
A gorgeous book, beautifully illustrated, depicting the seasons of the year.

A book of simple environmental activities for young children.

Growing Vegetable Soup
Gardening for very young children. The author Lois Ehlert has a series of similar books.

Under The Sky
A handbook for how to guide young children in playing, working, and learning outdoors.

WildWood Naturals
Natural living and education to nurture the inner self.

Roots and Shoots
A program of ecology activism for young people, guided by Jane Goodall

Dances with Herbs
At Dark Side of the Broom there is an ongoing series on herbs.

Tales of a Kitchen Herbwife
herbwifery blog

Pagan Kids on pinterest
A board full of resources.

For Teenagers

(I think it's always helpful for parents to visit websites before recommending them to their children. The listing of websites here does not constitute a recommendation from me, I'm only sharing links.)

Meditation for teens
an article on meditation to improve life and education

Meditation for teens
another article with specific instructions

Rays of Calm
a CD to help teens relax

Adolescence: The Sacred Passage
Using the myth of Parzival to explore the issues of adolescence.

Universe Spirit
a website including spiritual education ideas

Witchvox Teen
articles written by teenaged pagans

Teen Witch
a website for teen pagans

Interfaith Youth Core
students as leaders

Resources for Family Culture and Care

The Pagan and Wiccan Parenting Page
website with resources for pagan families

Pagan Families
a website with resources for pagan families

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge
Preschool parenting advice. One of my favourite books.

Starbright and Moonbeam
Meditations for small children.

Child's Mind
Mindful practices to help children be more focussed, calm and relaxed.

Calm Kids
Helping children relax with mindful activities.

Opening your Chakras
A cartoon video for children.

Heaven on Earth
A beautiful and soulful handbook for parents of young children. A guide to building family culture and creating a good foundation for learning.

The Incarnating Child
Holistic parenting and health care.

Storytelling with Children.
Therapeutic storytelling.

Spiral Scouts
interfaith scout group

I welcome any additions you may have to this list.


  1. I added Adolescence: The Sacred Passage to my book list the other day. Any other books you would recommend for adolescence or mothering a teenage daughter? (Sarah, I am now mothering a teenage daughter!!!) (I have several friends in the same place as I am, but no one who has already been there…)
    We have and love many of the books on your seasonal living and family care list...
    Renee <3

    1. Between Form and Freedom by Betty Staley is one book, but it's mainly for teenagers who go to school and have to deal with the plethora of issues there. Honestly, I have found nothing to help with parenting a homeschooled teen daughter. Oh, there are plenty of books available, but they either deal with issues which never cross our path, like sex and drugs and partying .. or they are what I would call "secular", yes even as a pagan: they don't take spirituality into account ... or they subscribe to traditional parenting styles, like tough love and punishments.

      I wish there were books on gentle, mindful, or attachment-style parenting of teenagers.

    2. Thank you Sarah. Between Form and Freedom is on my list too, but I am glad to hear your opinion on it. I'm sure it is good but like you said it seems like it will mostly cover issues that are not relevant to us (school, peer pressure, partying) (Hmm, I feel so extra lucky right now that those things aren't a part of our lives!)
      Oh my, I guess I am figuring it out. Lots of time spent contemplating, and I do come up with some good feeling thoughts.
      Also though, I think Eugene Schwartz has a book/lecture on adolescence, I am going to try to check that out soon…
      All in all the journey is quite amazing and wonderful!

  2. Thank you! For the suggested reading...

    Gentle hugs,

  3. Love your list! Thank you for the mention :) - Kristie,

  4. This is AWESOME! Thank you so much!!

  5. Thank you for this list - so many resources I never know about!