woodsmoke and earthsong : links for writers

My home has always been in the old damp hills beside a wild sea, never mind where my feet may be. I was raised on fairytales, mythologies, and the secrets of trees. Sometimes I try to dream that I am a princess in the light, surrounded by roses. But inevitably I get reminded that I belong in the dirt - close to earth, in forest shadows, old myself and a little wild.

Maybe you belong there too. And maybe you want to write stories which go down to the gritty, earthy heart of things. If so, I hope you will find some value in the following links. They were a little more difficult to dig up than the dreamy links, but that may just be because I took this list more personally than the other one.

earthsong images

rose daughter dreams
blessed wild apple girl
roots grow deeper
barefoot mama
the little hermitage
once upon a blog
local milk
dreaming gypsies
sharon blackie
rustic meets vintage

earthsong words

the indigo vat
the hermitage
cauldrons and crockpots
heart and soil
lunar hine
moonlight and hares
earthlines magazine
owl in the dark
seven miles of steel thistles
soule mama
the drawing board
ravenwood forest
aquarius nation
the golden key
orion magazine
pixie campbell
once upon a blog
the dark forest
the writer's journey
plant healer magazine
the place between stories
roots and feathers

earthsong storytellers

re-enchanting the earth
clarissa pinkola estes
wild talewort
school of myth and story
the journal of mythic arts
john o'donohue
sacred texts
the dark mountain project
suffolk folk tales
patricia wrightson
robert macfarlane
ursula le guin
wendell berry

earthsong music

mariee sioux
ray lamontagne
matt corby
maria mckee
fleetwood mac
josh flowers and the wild
the eagles
janis joplin
creedence clearwater revival
the black crowes
steve miller band
steely dan
the civil wars