before the storm

I think who you are during a storm only shows your survival tactics. I want to see who you are when the storm is promised - in that eerily quiet afternoon as shadows darken and the wind starts picking up.

Are you a hunkerer down? A closer of windows and gatherer of books, firewood, tea, candles? Or do you stand at your front door and breath in the cold anticipation, as the wild in your soul welcomes the kindred wild of the world?

One is not better than the other, of course. It's just about who you are. Which is why it's sad when someone wants to tuck you in during wild weather - or draw you out into the storm - against the inclinations of your own soul. We need both the homemakers and the windseekers. We need to be free to stay out - or to go inside and shut the door.


  1. Ah, beautiful. And makes me yearn a little for a good rip-roaring storm.

  2. I would stand in the doorway until I was full of wind and wild and it felt time to close the door and light the fire. xo

    1. Yes, me too. I love both the thrilling anticipation of a coming storm and the warm sanctuary of the hearth.

  3. I love your photo! So gorgeous! Whether I hunker down or face the wind totally depends on my mood at the moment. Right now I think I'd be more inclined to nest in the cozy warmth. But sometimes I definitely love feeling the wind whip my hair and sting my cheeks! X Jane