Kin Fables

I want to show you why I love the internet, and why, when I visit the library and see more people on digital devices than reading books, I don't feel complete despair for humanity's connection and creativity. Because some people will use anything, everything, to make beauty. And other people love to share it.

I was browsing Pinterest this morning when I found a link to a video. I almost never watch videos on Pinterest, but since this came from a regular source of magical loveliness, I decided to watch. And had my breath taken away.

Kin is a stunning short film by Seven Knights Production. Not only does it utterly mesmerise my imagination, it gives me such wonderful hope that there will be sustenance for people like me who can not abide the violent, soulless, ugly stuff the main entertainment industries offer us in film and on tv.

If you like the short film .. and I can't imagine anyone not absolutely loving it ... you can visit Kin Fables and learn about their Kickstarter project. Several years ago, I had a dream of multimedia storytelling, but not the resources to make it happen. It is so great to see more and more people doing it, and exciting to think of what the future holds for storytellers and those who love tales.


  1. incredible ... they get through even when I have word verification. if that continues, i'll remove it again.

  2. It's like I was magically transported to another realm. I loved it.

  3. I haven't watched the short film yet (planning to do so when time allows), but just wanted to stop in and say I like the new dark background here. (Though based on past template-changes, it might be transformed into something else by tomorrow?? ;-)) Still and all, for someone (you) who embraces the serenity of the darkness, I think it suits you. <3

  4. Enchanting! It would be fun to watch this film with a group of friends and then have everyone write down "the story" and share it--the different perspectives would be wonderful.

    I agree with Barb: this template suits you--it just feels right. ♥

  5. Thank you, I do like the black, I actually love a completely black site but it's impossible to read text against a dark background.

    Susan, the film makers said much of their purpose was to allow the audience to make their own story from the film. I love that.