national poetry writing month

today is built on small noises
which wake me bit by bit
to the wonder of the ordinary -
the oven ticking up to 180
baking bread I made
last thing last night
when it was starlight, not
this swelling lush sunlight;
the tinkle of pencils
against their glass jar;
the triumphal found it
for a lost hair tie;
and light switches
being turned off
as the sun rises
higher, brighter,
filling the house with gold;
and laughter
(velociraptors, all these years later);
and water running, sunscreen squelching,
lunch bag rustling; then just like that
the quiet -

just me softly typing
while the fridge hums
and the birds sing
and the sunlight fades
to ordinary in my house.


  1. I love it... (don't delete it!!) and I love that you are doing this. Why not is exactly right... words for the fun of them, for the the love them, for the magic in the way you string them together.

  2. sarah - i love this. velociraptors! just fabulous!!!

  3. like all of your writing, i love this. i am attempting a poem a day this month too... of course poem in the loosest sense of the word, for i dont really know the craft of poetry.

  4. You've really captured how special--important--is each small thing that makes up "ordinary" life.

  5. thank you all for your kind responses, it's much appreciated :)