I dreamt last night that someone told me who I was. They had a whole room of things to prove it, based on their investigations and observations. I looked through that room and I wondered. There infront of me was all the evidence of things I'd said, things I'd done - but was that really proof of my self or what I ever meant? Or was it evidence of who they were instead?

Waking, I knew better of course. No one can tell you who you are, or what you intended, or how your heart should conduct itself.


  1. sometimes we can't even tell ourselves...

    (who I am: a person that often "nods quietly" *and* comments, lol)

  2. Agreed. We can never know another person, especially when some days, it's so hard enough to know ourselves. But I love that we all keep trying.

  3. I actually meant the opposite, that I hate how people try to name me, say who I am, tell me what I meant, etc - but how lovely it must be to have a more positive viewpoint :) I am too cynical ;)

  4. or why they feel the need?

  5. i have to laugh. if that had been my dream, i would have felt it meant people did know me better than i knew myself. i would have been sooo glad to wake up.

  6. beautiful thoughts, was it you revealing yourself to who you are?

  7. no because the point was, they got it wrong :)

  8. I read this post yesterday, and woke up this morning thinking about it again. Others can only have a small perception of who we are... and it is so limited.
    Lovely poem.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment over at my blog. I hope you have a beauty-filled day.

    ~ Lin

  9. breathing a soft swoon of yes and thanks
    for this life-giving serving
    of nourishing beauty.
    (palms clasped) thank you,