we are not broken or wanting

There is so often so much to say about people, and happenings, and the ways of things. But I find, over and again, that the heart of life is peace.

Isn't it after all what we all labour for, in our work, our self-management, our parenting, our politics, our writing? At our best and our worst, we are all seeking peace.

When I've had a difficult time, I draw quiet, comfort, contentment, and truth from a few reliable places. For example, tea & a good book. The first hour of night. The smiles of loved ones. And the writings of people who dwell in the sort of peace I love. Sylvia Linsteadt is one of them.

"I need to remind myself of this so often—to slow down, to pour the tea, to do nothing but sit and listen and be. Often I feel defined by what I produce--stories, research in my notebook, sketches, books read, classes taught, challenges faced. I am doing my best, during this Gathering-Time, to remember that the body and mind and spirit are whole and complete and just as valuable when they sit by the creekside together, sipping tea, thinking of nothing but alders and the sun-ripple on water. Maybe in such moments, we are ourselves, because we have stepped out of ourselves a little, and are part alder, part creek, as we have always been, deep down." Sylvia Linsteadt

I think none of us are broken, only the ways in which we understand ourselves. We see selfhood as having different parts - the feminine side, the inner child, and so forth. We see time as being compartmentalised. And we believe we are separate from life around us. In perceiving our wholeness, and uniting with our environment, and gathering all time to this one moment in which all wisdom and healing can be applied as we wish it, we find that the peace we seek already exists within us.

How do you find your peace?


  1. Having lived through some terribly chaotic years, out of our control, I've learned that peace definitely is not a matter of outward circumstance, but of an anchoring of my soul in Someone greater. ~ I love that quote from Sylvia Linsteadt. I'm learning to value different things in this phase of my life. I'm used to yearning for quiet, but now that I have it I find it surprisingly easy to feel guilt over dwelling in it. We always have so much to learn, don't we?

  2. i find peace through family and nature and writing and prayer.

  3. Oh, such a timely post. I am currently looking for my peace. I think it may have been kidnapped and held for ransom by society's current madness. Like tonia, I often feel guilty when in a place of peace, but I am working on overcoming this feeling. I have found the most peace in special nature places, such as a wooded park near our home. Trees have always given me refuge, making friends with them as I did as a child while reading a book under their shade. Old trees are as patient as grandparents. If there is peace to be found I know I will find it there.