why beautiful things are important

Who would you be, if everything was perfect? Would your voice soften if you had that delicate floral wallpaper you've always wanted. Would your heart gentle, and be more nurturing, if you had lush willows and white roses in your garden? And what would you do with your love if you had all the time your could want?

So, why not paper your soul with dream flowers? And plant a garden of lovely thoughts in your heart? You can be within yourself all the things you want to have in your life.

This is what I think wisdom sounds like.

Except that I believe floral wallpaper and willows do matter. It's not that they make life perfect. It's that the soul wants conversation with beauty. Of course, all things in creation are beautiful, even plain white walls and stark, star-shaped pines growing tall amongst stark, concrete suburban homes. But there are certain types of beauty which are kindred to each individual soul. We seek those things, we wish to fill our life with them, so we can look at them and see something precious of ourselves in reflection. For what we love shows us the beauty in our selves.

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  1. I think they matter too. The things we love are proof of who we really are. It's difficult to explain in words who someone is, but if you spend a short amount of time in her favorite places you will know.

  2. I sometimes think that I get too wrapped up in the little things. But you are absolutely correct. They are a reflection of who we are and what we love, and our hearts wish to share them with others.

    Such beauty here. Thank you for all you share.
    ~ Lin

  3. Yes, yes, I agree....beauty matters. Your collage up there made me sigh with pleasure. Just resting one eye's upon a pretty and well-loved thing can soften the heart and make the soul smile.

    I needed to find this post today. Thank you.

  4. deep sigh. thank you, thank you.