looking toward winter

As you can see, I have refreshed this webspace. I wanted a mood here to compliment the new book, which will be available (as a gift of thanks in return for a donation to our sports fund) earlier than I expected : some time this week! 

I am a little anxious. 

Because I am still busy with a clutter of small necessaries, I shall talk again today about the weather. Winter is still almost a month away here, but already some parts of the country have snow. And yet last night was too hot for sleeping comfortably. This transition time, between seasons, it feels in Spring like a courtship - but now, as the cold gathers then shrinks back, then touches tentatively again upon the dry skin of the earth, it feels like a woman learning to walk a new pace of sorrow, a widow-walk. 

And yet there's not a great sense of anguish, for it seems the woman goes sadly but with a strong and certain faith in resurrection. Why should she not? Spring always comes again.

Every year.

Every day.

Every moment, whether we believe it or not. We can not stop the winter when it comes. We can only trust in Spring.

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  1. Weather is such a good (and daily) teacher, example, to us. Best wishes on the publications of your new work!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today. So glad to have found you through the lovely emma tree. Will be a frequent visitor in the future.

    And yes, I do know The Civil Wars are on "hiatus" or "broken up" depending on which articles you read - so sad. Still a new album in the future is something I want! One can hope ... :)