my new book is now available

My daughter trains all through winter in her sport, despite the cold. Ensuring that she has appropriate winter gear is important. So as the storm clouds gather here in our part of the world, we have begun fund-raising for the white water season.

If you would like to make a donation of $8.00 to our sports fund, I will send you in thanks a copy of my new ebook.

Driftways is a gathering of 17 stories about love and longing, loss and reconciliation, and about the paths we travel through the wild landscapes of earth, heart, and imagination, towards our deepest selves.

The book is published in PDF format so you get the benefit of imagery along with story. Contained within the 260 pages are photographs, notes on each story, and a recommended soundtrack.

Need Adobe Reader? You can download it for free here.

See an excerpt here.

It is rare to come across writing that transcends the boundaries of word and ink--writing that shines in the heart and brings clarity to the expressions of life. 
Sarah Elwell is a writer like no other. She is an artist who paints with words 
and adds texture with her stunning photographs.

To be honest, self-promotion is incredibly difficult - especially in the context of a non-profit venture. It's hard even to say "support our cause" when there are so many causes in the world, seeking support. All I can tell you is that the book is a mix of fairytales and modern stories, of dreams and difficulties, and mostly it's about love. Maybe that sounds like something you would enjoy reading.

See the book's inspiration board on Pinterest.

And, if you'd like to help me out, you are welcome to pin the cover image yourself ...

I am quite tremulous as I send this book out into the world. I hope people will want it, will like it, and will spread the word even if they can not at this time make a donation to get it for themselves. Many of the stories have been waiting years for me to finally tell them. Through the crackling days of summer, and as autumn shed its thousands of sky-wishes on the earth, the stories got written down, photographed, and now are being sent out ...

You can make your donation here.


  1. Of course, I always love reading what you write Sarah. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this newest book and cannot wait to make myself a cup of tea, find a quiet place, and set to reading it. Congratulations on this newest book! The excerpt I read was wonderful.

  2. Can't wait to read it, Sarah, it's beautiful.

  3. I so look forward to reading your words. Yay!

  4. Well, ask and you shall receive! Yay! Ordered and done. Thank you!

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind and wonderful support! :)

  6. Came over from D Smith Kaich Jones Facebook posting. Your writing looks fabulous. I am happy to help out.

  7. Oh Sarah! Our internet has been so dreadfully slow lately that I haven't done my usual round of visiting. But to find this! That cover photograph is so very beautiful, in each small detail. It will keep my eyes and spirit happy until I can order your book later today. I will wait until my deario goes to his gig so that I can download without a problem. Anticipation. I don't have a very strong presence online, but will gladly pin and share in the next few days. Love to you and your daughter. And congratulations for the accomplishment of this dream of yours...

  8. What a delightful surprise at the end of a very busy weekend! I thought it due next week! I can hardly wait to read it!