a question of love

Where does your love dwell? I mean, the spirit of tenderness and longing you have which you apply as love; where do you keep it?

Perhaps wound around your heart, and labelled here, there, along its braided length.
Perhaps in the gentle cup of another person's smile.
Perhaps in the middle distance.
Or does your love unravel itself infront of your footsteps, shaping a geis-path for you to walk?

Or it is wrapped in tissue paper and tucked into a beautifully carved sandalwood box and stored so carefully in a locked room at the back of your heart?

Perhaps your love flies the uninhibited winds.

Perhaps it sits wrapped in blankets, drinking tea.

Perhaps all these things.


  1. yes, all these things.... and more
    powerful to consider

    your way with words ignites inspiration and vitality in my heart
    you are so gifted

  2. thank you for such kind words :-)

  3. I read today that there exists saints and angels and seers and they are uncommon. I think you are one. Feel very blessed to read your work. You keep life's soul alive through your words, work like this is not found on the surface!

  4. Wow! Love your words and your photography is beautiful