peace in the storm

Outside here tonight, the world has gone to white with a storm. The warmth in my little room has fogged the window so everything seems just a blur, a maybe-world, no surer than the worlds in the stories I've been reading (and writing).

Just before, a heavy rain came down suddenly. I opened my window and opened my heart to the cold and the wild. It made a wordy post I'd been composing dissolve away in a rush of beauty. I wonder if this world is so gorgeous, inspiring, frightening, in order to make us wordless. Have you ever stood beside the sea and realised all your reasons are just noises? That nothing matters more than the tide and the light?

Have you ever listened to someone go on and on with great wisdom ... or read a clever self-help book ... and thought yes it all sounds wonderful but you know deep down that what you really need is just a hug?

Just a mountain to hold on to.

Just a river alight with morning's wishes, and a dark rain last thing at night.

Something real, beneath all the reason.


  1. The beauty of raw nature is the ultimate inspiration. Beautiful post and photo. :)
    Jess x

  2. Beautiful writing, I was in the storm with you.

  3. yes,
    the tide and the light
    the mountains and the rivers song
    then the rising sun......
    lovely post