skin and spirit | self and place

A location is not just the ground and what grows there. It is the weather too - the mood of the sky and the song of the air moving through. And a location is all the creatures which make it home.

A location is at least partly too the spirit you yourself bring to it. Maybe not in any physical way, but in your own memory and feeling - a field on a cold, sunlit day is a beautiful place to one woman, and something drab to another. And a beach on a hurried Monday morning can be different than on a Friday afternoon as you ease into peace. And so your opinion becomes soul-skin for that location.

Of course, a location does the same for you. Its warmth or its shadows, its scent, its suggestion of places you have been before and the person you were then, all gently layer a skin upon your soul.

We are all breathing the same breath - people, trees, sea.

We are loving each other into shape.


  1. I love the thoughts you shared in this post (and the photos!). You made me think of something I read in a novel the other day that has stuck with me:
    "Do you remember when words were so simple and people talked about the countryside? There is something so threatening in the word 'environment'." (p.67 Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death, by M.C. Beaton).
    When I paused to consider it, the word "environment" is rather academic, clinical. I don't think I've ever been to a place and thought, "Oh, what a nice environment this is!" I wonder if there would be more believers in environmental concerns if we talked about the Earth and our place in it in simple words that help define our intimate connection with the whole sphere of life, the way that you have in this post.

  2. wonderful how you breathe depth into your insight with words....
    such a wonderful perception: we are loving each other into shape

  3. i love that last line….as that's what we honestly do!

  4. So lovely. "We are all breathing the same breath- people, trees, sea" I like this simple truth.

    And thank you so kindly for your email that came just at the right time and touched the quiet of my soul.
    It seems the more I press in to living a quiet life and to cultivating peace, the more battles come.
    I have almost given up blogging, but words like yours renew the spirit and keep me going. merci` xxo

    1. (((Kerrie))) thank you for your comment. I am so sad that you are facing battles, but this is what happens it seems - we draw towards peace and trouble draws us back. I am sure it is a tempering, a softening, a balancing for our souls. I hope you find strength and hope, and that you don't give up blogging unless you are ready to do so. You've brought such tenderness and loveliness into this world through your web presence. <3