we are walking in the sky

Someone once said it, and I can't remember who : look around and realise, we are walking in the sky. It is not a blue and distant roof sheltering us. It is everywhere.

It is within us. We breathe the sky, we swallow it down.

Our feet may touch the ground, but with every step we take, we fly.

Lift your hand and feel it : sky dancing with the swoop of your bones and your bright skin.

Speak aloud and hear it : your words are wings.

Stop a while and notice the proof you've left behind of your beautiful, ordinary, celestial flight.


  1. gorgeous.
    when my son was little we had a book called The Sky Jumps into Your Shoes At Night... filled with fabulous, slightly odd phrases and one of my favorites was always "The sky contains every word that has ever been spoken."

    I love love love your spiderweb photo!

  2. Oh my - gorgeous words and shot!