what people want

There are moments, small and quiet, when I see what is not always easy to see amongst the challenges of ordinary life - a promise, shown in glimpses, that I have perfect love within me.

Always, always, it is when I have done some kindness for another person.

In those moments, a beautiful strength holds me tall, joyful, and peaceful. And I know that kindness, the act of everyday love, expresses my best and truest self. And then in the next moment I am stupid again, or defensive, or irritable. It feels like a fall from self. Over and again, I must pick myself up, forgiving, hoping, wanting, and striving again for that perfection.

To smile at the checkout girl.
Make way uncomplainingly for the old, bitter woman who is in such a hurry.
Tell someone how nice their hair looks.
Speak respectfully to a small child.
Bless someone who has hurt me, for I see their own hurt.
Choose gracious silence rather than argument.

We all know it's true that everyone wants to be loved. It's one of the greatest motivators for our behaviour. But I think that something else is equally true.

Everyone wants to love.

They want to be good people and do good things for others.

Literature lies to us. It offers up villains who delight in other people's misery for no deeper reason than that they choose evil, love evil, and simply are evil within themselves. Newspapers lie to us, making villains out of frightened and hurting people trying to do the best they can in a difficult world. And for sure, selfishness, laziness, and cruelty do abound. People can be horrid.

But honestly, very few act with the intent to be evil. We hear so much about those that do, it's easy to fall into despair. But even then, by opening our minds and our hearts, and really listening to why others behave as they do, we are left with few examples of inexplicable evil, only shame and sorrow.

Unfortunately, few is more than enough. And of course, motivations matter little when the consequences are devestating. Too often, our idea of goodness brings harm. I'm not denying this tragedy. Only I say that it is love, not wickedness, which inspires and compels most people.

If you would agree with me, then perhaps you would agree also this suggests love is the highest state of being. Not just love as a feeling, but love also as a doing. That is why I like a story of god and goddess - love and beloved. Because our souls reach for both.

Every day, I am presented with a multitude of chances to give love and receive it. And every time I do act with love, for love, I understand with perfect clarity that this is the meaning of life.


  1. Beautiful. Your writing and photography quiet me, taking me to a gentler, more thoughtful place.


  2. What a beautiful post, and all so very true.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  3. a lovely stance: Choose gracious silence rather than argument.
    yes love and beloved
    full circle turning beautifully
    sweet photos
    and wonderful thoughts

  4. So very true! Thanks for this lovely post.

  5. What a lovely post. Your words have a beautiful way of finding the part of my heart that needs to be opened. XO