let go and let god

I've been thinking today about choices. So many of us, if given any privilege, spend most of our lives making choices. What school will we attend? What fashion style expresses our selfhood best? What career path do we want? How many children will we have?

It seems normal enough. It seems like just life. But I've started to wonder ...

Is the power of choice an illusion? Or worse, it is a lure away from truth? What if the wisest course is to not take up choices as the reins of our live, but to sit within the stillness and one perfect word at the centre of ourselves?

To be, rather than think and plan and want, want, want.

To listen and let truth move you. 

I've watched so many people spend their lives making choices this way, that way ... and then comes a moment when everything falls from them, and they are left frustrated, bewildered, hurting. But if that moment can hold long enough, if they are not pushed into more choices, if they can just be for a while as their inner truth regains its strength ... then wonderful things happen. The world turns, offers are made, unexpected gifts are given, synchronicities slip into place.

And the salesman discovers he is an artist. The business woman learns all she needs to find fulfillment is a daily walk. The writer understands novels are not for her, she is an old-fashioned story teller. The sportsman learns the path he should be taking for real success. And suddenly magic starts happening.

Because the world is always magic. We just don't realise because we think we are in charge. We think we make things happen. But it seems to me that people making things happen only leads to a tangled mess. While one person is making this happen, another is making that, and a third is making another ... each following a truth they decide upon with their imperfect understanding, a truth tailored carefully to what they want. In the end, we don't get real truth from that. We only get a war of opposing wants.

I've also watched people who open their heart to life and let it move them. Over and again, they are blessed - as if truth comes weighted and coloured with love. And they bless others with the radiance of that love.

They simply followed a prayer.

Listened to the small voice within.

Acted on instinct.

Responded from love.

Trusted the universe.

This is one of the reasons I am vehemently against "the power of positive thinking" or "the force of attraction". That's just another way of imposing our egotistical desires over the natural truth of our lives. Just because you want something and get it doesn't mean it is right for you. But there is a deep certainty, and a profound peace, in letting go and letting god. Not surrendering - but understanding that life isn't really about choices, ambitions, a battle of wills with destiny, or making our own way in the world.

It is about giving shape to the love-made truth within ourselves. 

For some, that comes from God. For others, it comes from the farthest silence of mystery, or the heart of a star, or the simple rightness of how things are. The name scarcely matters to me. I only want to be within it, and bring it forth, and live my life, not do my life.

You may wonder how the photographs today fit with the words. Simply, they are about love. What I love, and a love that was given to me by someone dear to me, and by Life too which left this little touch of beauty in amongst books to be found unexpectedly, perfectly. Because when you stop trying to steer love the way you or the marketing experts out there think it should go, and you let love steer life for you, beauty turns up everywhere.


  1. Yes. I agree. I will never forget the day that I really came to understand this. It changed my life. A snippet of song lyrics on the radio, God is God and I am not, I can only see a part of the picture he's painting. It seems simple, but that day, it was a truth that went from head to heart knowledge, which made l the difference.

    1. funny & beautiful isn't it how these truths come so simply and unexpectedly to us. I guess they're coming all the time, it's just a matter of when our hearts are open to receive them.

  2. I love this beautiful post. I may print it and keep it. ♥

    What you've written here echoes the book I am currently reading (and loving) by the late Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthazar. He observed that the modern world is all about action. Inactivity, stillness, contemplation are utterly contemptible. Thus, those who profess belief in the divine today almost always do so with God positioned safely behind them; they "know" God's will and believe they are fulfilling it by their own plans and activities (which makes them no different, in practice, from those who do not profess belief). Von Balthazar writes:

    "We pray: 'Thy Kingdom come'. God himself is his Kingdom, insofar as he is acknowledged as the one Lord. He, as he is, and not as we would like to imagine him to be. Where our own preconceptions dominate the field it is still our own kingdom. He, with his own power, and not we, with our own power, which we supposedly use on God's behalf in order to achieve his power in our own way. Nothing can more gravely obscure God's power, can more greatly hinder the coming of his Kingdom, than the intrusion of our own power for the furtherance of the coming Kingdom of God. . .

    "The free response to God is fulfilled in the fiat of Mary. . .Jesus is the indissoluble unity of God's Yes to man and man's Yes to God. . .that absolute Yes of Jesus Christ and his Mother--Bride--Mary--Church--is the standard against which the Christianity of the Christian is measured. A form that is unconditional, accepts no conditions, demands everything (too much for the sinner, who always attaches conditions), and yet a form that enables the one who accepts (in faith) gently, yet implacably and at times brutally--or is the Cross not brutal for example?--to experience the unimagined consequence of his Yes. For he has said Yes, not to his own forseeable plan, but to the plans of the eternally greater God, which at all events look different from what man has imagined to himself. From this experience of the Other, we can decide if our Yes was spoken to God or to ourselves, whether it was the obedience of faith or personal speculation, whether it is God's kingdom or man's kingdom that will come."

    Sometimes Love looks like an unplanned pregnancy . . . or a cross.

    And, sometimes it looks like tea and peanut butter cookies.: )

    1. I love what you have shared here, thank you for taking the time to type it all out, that was very generous of you. My favourite aspect of Catholicism is the fiat of Mary, and I turned away from Protestantism because they generally do not understand it. (Not that I am Catholic, but you know what I mean.)

      I must disagree with you on one point. Love never looks like peanut butter cookies. At least not to me, although I know that makes me a strange creature indeed. Ugh! I despise peanut butter! ;-)

  3. "... then wonderful things happen." they do.

  4. This is beautiful and true. I think most of the time we are afraid to admit and accept what we truly love, as it exposes the unique person that we are. This is how we begin a life of imitation and too much trying.

  5. I love how you are able to share this so beautifully, Sarah.

    When we let go, we don't fall. We fly.

  6. such a lovely post

    and beautiful words:
    giving shape to the love-made truth

  7. I love the soft, peaceful beauty in your shots. So lovely.

  8. I struggle so with this, as you probably can guess. :) I try to rest and wait, but nothing changes (or they change for the worse). Maybe I'm just terribly impatient. 45 years is a long time to wait though. ;-) Some people say that means I don't have faith, but I do, or I wouldn't keep coming back to the waiting. (BTW, does your header keep changing? I really like the way this one looks)

    1. Ah, but change in your circumstances is different from change in your heart :-)

      Yes, my banner changes often. Although this one has been there about a week I think!

    2. I think it's my heart that gets worse than my circumstances. ;-) As to your banner, I have been checking blogs on my phone mostly this week and things look much different there (i.e. smaller and harder to see) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. thank you everyone for your kind comments :-)

  10. I read this with a rush of relief, yes yes yes. Especially when you write about your objections to "law of attraction" beliefs. We are so much more than a conscious mind. That's only a thin layer over body and spirit, connected to all the vastness there is. We may feel trapped within our own particular thoughts, but they too are perceptions.