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Many of the trees in my neighbourhood are still bare, and cold-coloured, as if they have no hope for summer. I of course know there is hope, but sometimes it feels natural just to feel the winter for a little while. At times like that, I understand how different hope is from faith.

Today is quiet like an old tree. I don't have much to tell you about. One thing: a new commenter pointed out to me that there was really no interest in "the book thing". True enough, so I've decided to put that on hold. Another thing: I thought I would share with you some of the links I've enjoyed this week, because really this internet of ours can be such a source of wonderment and joy.

Here is a great resource of 19th century scholarship for homeschoolers or other learners.

The Wind: a silent movie starring Lillian Gish, is available online.

A large collection of philosophical articles can be found at Aeon Magazine.

This map of the internet is wonderful.

TV Tropes is an intelligent and highly entertaining site for writers and readers.

I so like Kristybee's photography.

Also that of Nikaa.

In the category of wonderful blog titles: woodbird, them mornings.

If you like reading various religious perspectives, this one from a pagan quaker may interest you; I found it powerfully written.

Last thing: the new Doctor isn't so bad after all, is he? I was worried, but it turns out I quite like him.

I sure do hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Thank you for these beautiful links! And for what it's worth, I think it's incredible that you write books. Driftways is high on my wish-list. I can't wait to get a copy. <3 <3 <3

  2. I am *very* interested in your upcoming book! You are a woman of many graces and talents-- a poet, a storyteller, healer, artist, photographer, educator, . . . I could fill an entire page listing them. So, one person loves your photographs best. So what. Other readers leave comments praising your *writing* all the time. Has the commenter purchased your books? Has she experienced the magical way you weave words, photography, music, and formatting together to create breathtaking, completely immersive art? You received divine inspiration for this book project; I hope that you will honor that Inspiration, as well as all of the readers who love and support your work.

    I really enjoyed going through your list of links this afternoon (it is a quiet day in my little corner, too.) I loved the link to Nikaa's and Nodding Violet's photostreams. I plan to watch the Lillian Gish movie later, perhaps with one or two of my children.

    I found the article by the pagan/Quaker author interesting, surprising, and insightful. I have always admired the Society of Friends, and at one time seriously considered joining them. Historically, as followers of the Inward Light, Quakers considered themselves to be not only Christian, but the only real Christians. I wonder what George Fox would think of the movement now. Lots of food for thought.

    1. Dearest friend, thank you for your words :-) I did feel this one person was pointing out something I had seen myself, and I had been wondering about the timing of everything ... but I will be sitting in Contemplation of the matter today. Which is very Quaker of me ... I pretty much am a Quaker, except I don't attend meetings and I am always hesitant to claim any title for myself. Quaker with Catholic leanings and a dollop of paganism, lol! Also attach to that a belief in fairies, and I'm not sure what you get, lol :-) One of the reasons I don't want to be officially active in the Quaker community is that I don't really understand (same as with UU) how atheists and Christians can sit together and claim to have access to the same Truth. One or the other *must* be deluding themselves. A religion ought to make a stand for or against God, in my opinion. I don't mind if they confess no complete understanding of God (infact I prefer that honesty and humility).

      The Wind is a masterpiece of the silent movie era. I've been waiting years for a copy to become available. Just be warned that it has quite strong themes - rape, murder, madness. But of course nothing is overt.

  3. Love your photo ... just wonderful !
    Thanks for the links and for leaving a lovely comment on my blog ...
    Have a nice week,

  4. It's fascinating to me how much we can learn about one another with link-posts such as this one. I think of them as little conversations we would have if we were sitting next to one another sharing morning coffee. I enjoyed all of them, especially the thoughts from the pagan quaker. I agree, it is very powerfully written, which I'm sure is why I found it so intriguing. Whether I agree with the writer or not, I will read most anything if it's written with honest conviction.

    May I ask you something ..... why have you decided not to date your posts? I didn't use to date mine either and received so many negative comments about it. I don't know why it would make a difference if you regularly follow the blog, but since finding your blog, I want to remove my dates again. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Such an interesting question, one which I have never been asked before. :-)

      I have three reasons for not dating my posts.

      1. Design. Sometimes I actually do date them if the date contributes to the design I want to present. Because I prefer a minimalist look, I mostly leave out all but the essentials. A small date header above each post can add a strand of colour ... but usually I prefer as little clutter as possible.

      2. I live in the southern hemisphere, so my dates are different from those of most of my readers. My Monday (today) is your Sunday. Dates become pretty meaningless under that circumstance.

      3. I write here often, usually six times a week, although I'm constantly deleting old posts so you wouldn't think I was so prolific from my archives. (I write that often because I like writing, it keeps my authorial muscles active, and it also benefits my stats) When posting so often, dates add a weight which I find uncomfortable. But that probably doesn't make much sense outside of my own head!

      One more reason that's just come to me ... I don't actually believe in linear time, so dates are unimportant information in my opinion. :-)


  5. That last comment :-) a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey? - the whovian in me couldn't resist...
    this regeneration is the best Doctor in a while... but I grew up a number 4 fan, jellybabies and all...
    I do hope you don't put your book on hold too long!

    1. I haven't been able to watch Dr Who for years because we lived in valleys, and the third-rate channel it was on didn't broadcast to us. So frustrating! So I missed Matt Smith. But I started watching the Dr when it was still black and white, moved on to his curly-haired incarnation, even his Peter Davidson version ... I've probably told before the story of how freaked out I was when I saw a Dalek on the street a couple of years ago. One of these days I will get all the dvds for the series I missed.

      Not too long. Thank you :-)

  6. You are sharing links, today.

    I just found one, which I wanted to share with you.

    I believe you would love to dress, according to your heart, as it were. And when I saw these clothes, I thought... Sarah! They are so unique and .... Oh please just go look...

    The blog is "Heart in Provence".... The section I'd love for you to look at, is Category Label Style...

    If you keep scrolling down, through the whole Style Category, you will come upon layered dressing, which I think you will enjoy. I certainly did. Although neither one of us, could afford them! But it's just enjoyable to look. And know that someone really dresses like this. I think, we would both like to.

    And if you don't enjoy them, at all.... That's fine too.


    1. So beautiful! The whole website, not just the clothes. Thank you for the link!

      I indeed do dress in layered style, although my clothes aren't as nice and expensive as these, and although I am really too short to be pulling it off well.

      Thank you for thinking of me :-)

  7. What lovely shot - so full of peace!

    1. Thank you, yes it really was a peaceful day when I took that picture.

  8. your site has such a feeling of calmness and serenity. it is beautiful and i am enjoying your thoughts/words + the interesting links you share. glad to have found this space.