wisteria and sunshine

Today is like a song, the kind you sing while wandering through fields or along sun-warmed roads. I am reminded of the many lovely August walks I've taken over these past fifteen years, the small spring adventures which drew us out of winter's coziness into a fresh new world. Why don't we start our official year in spring, I wonder? August has always felt to me like the month when Nature opens her windows again.

And speaking of opened windows, Wisteria & Sunshine is open again after some weeks of replenishment. I know this site would appeal to many of you, so I can't resist mentioning it. What a wonderful community of women it contains. And the gorgeousness of what Lesley offers is made even richer by the fact that she does so with authenticity. I was talking the other day about seeking what you love ... I am finally understanding my own love ... but Lesley I think has been at that place for a long while. And she can hold the trust of it for each of us as we journey that way too.

I must confess, wisteria is a flower which disappoints me. It's name is perhaps one of the most beautiful words in the English language, making me think of something wispy and pale and fairy-like. I was quite taken aback when I came across a certain Wisteria Cottage (one of the prettiest houses I have ever seen, surrounded unfortunately by horrid, sleek modern neighbours) and realised the clumps of purple all around it were wisteria. Beautiful for many people, I have no doubt. But I've never much liked purple ... or clumps.

Wisteria & Sunshine, however, is everything beautiful and enchanting.


  1. Ah - how lyrical and lovely! The first signs of spring are just magical!

  2. I love wisteria, When it winters you are wistful for it's green and purple (or white!) when it is in full winding green glory you are wistful for the days it was dormant and didn't need pruning, when it is in flower those gently cascading flowers shimmer and ruffle in their own amazing aroma that whists where it will, and if you are lucky it can be whispy pale and fairylike, but never for long...