count your sorrows

Has it been a bad day? Do you stand in the kitchen, in the growing darkness after dinner, when the floor is cold against your feet and the breath is cold going in to you, coming out of you raggedly, and do you look around for all the good things? Do you give thanks for your blessings, so many blessings, how could you dare to feel sad or wearied when you have such a blessed life and you ought to feel grateful?

My love, count your sorrows.

Look at what you've been through today. Look at what you've been through all these years - oh sure, not starving, not digging in barren earth for an impossible hope of water, but troubles nonetheless, and heartaches, even if you do have electricity and a local grocery store. I would not judge your sorrows, nor weigh them against your resources. They happen in the land of the heart, where everyone is equal. Your troubles are bad enough.

Count them. Stack up the pain like a spine holding you rigid. What a hard road it has been - today, or perhaps for years now. Nobody may think of it, to look at you - to see your smile and your composure - but you've had to be brave, haven't you? And there are times when you hold your breath so you don't cry infront of others. I know that's true. Because it's true for everyone.

So count your sorrows. See how brave you are. See what a strong, determined woman you are. The day has been hard - perhaps the years have been hard - but here you stand in the kitchen in the growing darkness after dinner, cold. Here you stand.

Still standing.

Still making dinners and washing dishes and loving the people around you.

Count your sorrows, because they matter. You matter.

Then go ahead and count your blessings. Look at how beautiful this world is, and how beautiful you are - how very brave and strong. The sorrows are worth it, aren't they, in such a blessed beautiful world.


  1. sarah - i love this. the sorrows count, they help make us who we are. pretending we don't have hard times doesn't erase the heartaches. and yes, they may often seem small in the big scheme of the world, people may call them first world problems, but you are right. in the land of the heart, we are all equal.

    beautifully said.

  2. So very beautiful. I can only imagine how this will comfort those who, in the midst of their sorrow, found their way to this amazing post.

  3. beautiful. yes, the sorrows and the blessings…all to be counted.

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    1. in addition to thanking al, I would like to thank you ALL.

  5. you have a way with words that speak for the heart so well
    i am entirely moved by what you have written, thank you
    life is indeed the light and also the shadows

  6. I can't help but share this post. So much gentle wisdom in a few short paragraphs, so much keenly observed love.

    1. People are thirsty for your words Sarah. Just last night I shared it on the Free Range Learning fb page, already it's been viewed over 3,000 times.