deep in the far away

This serialised novel has now been completed and is available in novel form. You can find it here.

Friends, introducing shyly and quietly ....

a   n o v e l   t o l d   i n   s e r i a l   f o r m

This is my version of a bake sale. The serialised ebook will be a gift to those who join in our fundraising. Upon a donation of $8.00 you will receive a chapter a week in your email box for three months.

These are some things you might like to know ...

* This is a non-profit production whose sole purpose it to raise funds for my daughter's sports costs. If you want more details, please feel welcome to email me on knittingthewind at yahoo dot com.

* The story is gently told over twelve weeks. This format means it is more episodic than a regular novel - it goes deeper, slower, while hopefully maintaining its forward momentum.

* There will be adverbs. I like adverbs. I think they are a great tool for storytelling. I myself far prefer to read one eloquent adverb than a sentence about rising, twitching, brooding eyebrows conveying emotions.

* Although I intend for each installment to arrive on Sunday, I will not guarantee any set day. I'm a homeschooling mother and I have fibromyalgia. I do guarantee you will get your installments, but I have to advise of the possibility that maybe once or twice they could come a little late.

* You can see the pinboard for the story here.

*You may donate at any time (and thank you for doing so!) Just go to my books page and click the button. I will send you all the chapters published prior to your donation, and from there on you will receive the rest on a weekly basis.

Thank you again for your support.


  1. I love your bold use of adverbs. :) Can't wait to read my first installment!

  2. Hooray! I am so happy and so eager to begin reading.

  3. hello Sarah,
    i am off to donate after this
    i am glad that you do not promise a date
    i will be happy whenever it arrives, in your timing
    thank you for sharing yourself this way with us
    i tried clicking on the word Donate and it does not click to anywhere.....
    the bottom link works
    sweet Spring to you~

  4. Thank you Tammie. Every time I check the "donate" link (the yellow button) it works fine for me. But I'm glad the other link also works for people! I appreciate so much your support :-)

  5. I loved your first instalment, and am relishing the opportunity to imagine and follow the possibilities forming in my mind while I wait to see where the story's next tendril winds. The breath is worth taking :-)

  6. Love this idea of taking the novel back to its original form though slightly updated in our digital age. I've spread the word on Twitter both through my personal stream and the press—let me know if I can help get the word out in other ways too :)