let's become renegades

In the comments to yesterday's post, Aine suggested we practice "outlaw kindness." The idea of consciously performing acts of kindness and good deeds has been around for a while - but I'm not talking about creating a cycle where the recipient is asked to "pay it forward". Instead, I like the notion of practicing kindness as a secret operation, a campaign to spread happiness freely, with no obligations attached and no association with some wider profit, only from sheer boundless goodness - like a band of human angels, renegade lovers, wild performance poets, on a mission to make the world smile.

And what if we began a new kind of list-making? Instead of (or as well as) listing all the things we have, what if we listed all the good things we gave to other people during the course of our day? Not to brag, but to inspire and motivate ourselves to do it over and over again. Or if that is too hard, a list of all the things we might do ...

Feed the sparrows
Wave thanks to the person who stopped their car so you could cross the road
Have a small conversation with the checkout operator
Donate old clothes to the mission store
Pay the toll of the person behind you
Buy a cup of hot tea for a homeless person & asking their name & wishing them a good day
Leave a flower in the letterbox of your neighbour
Give a compliment
Phone an elderly relative
Pick up glass from the beach
Use social media to thank a writer whose work you like
Share links to inspiring things
Let an elderly person go ahead of you
Smile & say good morning to passersby
And thousand, a billion, a trillion other things that are so easy to do

Will you join me in a secret army of love?


  1. Weekly serial novel?!? Sounds very Sherlock Holmes :-) Count me in ! I used to love reading the Prince Valiant, and Phantom comic strips that appeared in our weekly newspaper, but with a comic strip it dragged on soooo long...

  2. yes, i will join the army of love ~ like a band of human angels, renegade lovers, wild performance poets, on a mission to make the world smile

  3. I love this idea. It's growing wings in my imagination already. Thank you, friend. And YES I want to read a novel...:)

  4. I love everything about this!! :)

  5. Yes, kindness for its own sake has its own beauty and is truly unselfish if done without the condition of paying it forward...

  6. I'm in!

    Here are random acts of encouragement one can do with the smallest children----toddlers and preschoolers----to raise up a new generation of renegade angels practicing outlaw kindness: http://lauragraceweldon.com/2011/03/08/guerrilla-encouragement-efforts/