with thanks

Yesterday our country was swathed in a storm. The newspapers expressed surprise, but infact this happens every year at the same time. The equinox storm, bringing cold, wild sea winds and strange dreams. Between squalls I was able to hang out my laundry and get it dried within half an hour.

I love this time of year. There is such a friendly, cheerful feeling in the air - as if nature is simply joyful. The old story is of her being a Bride, but I tell that story to myself, that love story of life, every single day. My favourite spring tale is of the Fool - the youth on a pilgrimage for the heart of living. He goes out in spring, but by autumn he is coming back in, wiser, finally understanding that the heart is not something to be found in the wild places, but in the quiet, intimate centre of every self.

I wanted to write today to thank everyone who was so kind to donate over the past couple of days, and also warm thanks to those who generously wrote to tell me they love the story. It was very encouraging and, really, sincerely, such a blessing.

(If you read it and liked it, my other books are also available here. And it's not too late to subscribe to Deep In the Far Away either.)

Self-promotion is a necessary but painful aspect of self-publishing. I'm terrible at it. And I can tell you that, in my experience, it doesn't work anywhere near as well as word of mouth from other people. I always like to balance my personal horn-tooting with some toots for others. So here, a few sincere recommendations:

If you have teenagers, they may like the look of this new novel by Scott Peterson.

And if you have young children, you will love this tutorial for little boats, and all the other things on offer at The Magic Onions.

So many wonderful articles here, I could while away a whole afternoon reading them.

And this weblog : Minstrel.

This was hysterically funny.

I hope you all have a beautiful and love-filled day.


  1. Yay, just what I need to read tonight!

  2. I just ordered your book...I can't wait to get it!

  3. Blowing your own horn is painful, as you say, but necessary sometimes. Lovely shots - autumn blew in here yesterday too.

  4. Oh, the last one had me in hysterics, my life in a nutshell. Going to show the 4th from the bottom to a certain someone to prove it's not just me.... ;-)