the influence of the ocean

This morning I darned a blue dress with green thread, all I had, making scars that look like I have been wading in lonely ocean water and had something ... driftwood, a broken bottle, a merman ... scratch at me, longing for words, for sunlight. I had to sit quietly with my sewing, because I no longer see close-up through my glasses, but still need them for any distance, so I have to forego everything but sewing, when I am sewing. It barely matters; the lenses are so scoured by sea winds that they make everything look slightly dreamy anyway.

I listened to music while sewing: a playlist for afternoons, although it is still morning. I have to be careful at the moment, what I read and listen to. I'm overly susceptible to inspiration, and it can make my writing wander far off course. I have several things I've promised myself and other people I will read ... mid-December, at this pace. Today I am just reading some of the stories in Driftways. (It seems safest.)

I haven't been taking photographs either. A few dozen while staring out to sea, but that is all. I keep looking for a world which does not exist here. I keep waiting for trees to whisper in my ear. But these days are calm, so calm: the sky seems to have surrendered.


  1. Reading your blog is soothing to my soul....have I said this already? I enjoyed the music you shared of French for Rabbits and shall look for more to listen to. Writing for me has been hit or miss for life has been rather busy of late as I need calm to think and reflect. Quiet, complete quiet with only the tick of a clock, the sound of birds singing...any other distraction is a road block. I'm hoping for some calming Fall days to bring out what lies so close to who I I feel....

  2. I've felt much the same lately about the calm and the quiet. But at the same time there seems to be a turbulence that many are caught up in. It's a strange dichotomy. I had a dream about gray birds that I could not define. I walked up to them in a grassy area and they did not move. They didn't scare away. I always see birds as messengers so their quiet calmness was disturbing to me. I love the simplicity of your site. It was just what I needed today.