time travelling for ordinary people

There is something about a perfect summer's day which offers no comfort to the uncertain heart or the gentle skin. It's sky is too big. It's light shows too much of the world.

I have been out today; I have walked amongst daisies and drifts of rose petals; and I have made my quiet way through all the people in my local village. But I'm glad to be home again, and quiet. There are too many strange worlds in my mind at the moment to allow me much peace in my own real one. Linden Cove ... and medieval England for the homeschool lessons I'm writing ... and ancient Russia as written by CJ Cherryh ... and Damar too, in the evenings. I am a wide-ranging wanderer on my couch.

I don't need a blue police box; I have books.

(Although if someone knocked on my door in the middle of the night, offering me a ride in a blue police box, I wouldn't refuse.)


  1. Photos will do when there's no police box! ;-) Gorgeous shot.

    1. thank you. it feels weird having such small-sized pictures here, but i was in the mood for quiet, and the photos wouldn't fit in without being shrunk. it took me about an hour going back through all my archives to resize the pictures ... and when I change my mind again I'll have to go back and enlarge them all again! Lol.

      Clicking on them will bring up the proper, bigger size.

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  3. oops! I think my TARDIS has a glitch, better stick to books ;-)