weekend links

Here are some things I have enjoyed over the past week. I hope you find something here you like too.

Theodora Goss has written a template for The Heroine's Journey. In a follow-up post, she applies it to Snow White and then to the Perrault version of Sleeping Beauty. I have been fascinated by how this template fits Deep in the Far Away, at least so far - which I can only put down to a lifetime of having read fairytales. I've been thinking also about how it might also fit my version of The Goose Girl (in Driftways) ... and actually wanting to write another story/novel just so I can explore the template further!

And in Rwanda some real heroines are hard at work.

Anna Georghiou's art reminds us of rich and womanly Eastern Orthodox icons.

Taking this opportunity to mention again Hedgespoken, the new project by Rima Staines and Tom Hirons.

Do you eat tuna fish? You may change your mind after watching this. (Did you also know you can provide support to Greenpeace by allowing them to post tweets in your feed?)

Sophie Ramsdale's pinboards are inspiring and evocative.

This version of Terrible Love by Birdy is beautiful.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  1. I like the heroine's journey template - I think it's useful. I do prefer that the heroine rescues herself as oppose to being rescue but that's fairytales for you. but not to say a woman or a girl is weak if she needs rescue. isn't it the strong person who accepts help rather than try in vain to save herself?

    I read a while ago that the sleeping beauty tale was based on somehow much worst and now I don't like sleeping beauty anymore. it completely ruins the tale for me but as fairytales go, we believe what we want, right?

    hope you have a sweet day.

  2. Thankyou for some lovely links to pursue whilst I wait with tremulous breath for more Deep in the Far Away... still hooked and transported <3