how do you give thanks?

Gratitude is a big thing in America these days. It seems like half the people are keeping a daily list of all the things they're thankful for - counting up their blessings, drawing in all the goodness of the world.

But to me, giving thanks is about giving.

It's about taking the hand that feeds you, holding it a moment against your heart as you say thank you.

Not thank you for the meal, the inspiration, the time, the love you have given me.

Thank you for giving it.

Not thank you to god for enabling someone to be an angel for me.

Thank you to that person for their humanity. For cooking, composing, driving halfway through the night, sheltering, smiling - despite the weights on their heart and the demands on their time. Thank you to them for trying to be the best they could be.

Imagine if people treated gratitude like an opportunity for relationship. Instead of being thankful for their blessings, they gave thanks to those who blessed them.

Imagine if they didn't make everything about what they got from it ...

But about who gave it. 

I imagine a whole lot more good would get done. Not for the sake of getting thanks or acknowledgement, but because people would feel connected to each other. They would know they were seen and appreciated. They would do good so they could be more connected. More loved and loving.

Thankfulness is a relationship.

 That's just my opinion, anyway.


  1. Dearest Sarah, I've read this several times so I can remember each word. This is truly how we all should live, isn't it....making others feel appreciated and loved. I feel a happy peace right now, I can't wait to start living this way. I can't wait for the relationships.

    Thank YOU Sarah, for giving your time and sharing your beautiful words and stories. ♥

  2. thank you for giving us your heart through your words

  3. It really is about the people and not about the things. Thanks for putting it into words.