how to find random moments of inspiration

Who are you, deep in the dreaming pulse of yourself? What constellation of words would you draw together to describe yourself?

And if you did a search for those words ... on the internet, in songs, in the streets of a wild and beautiful city ... what might you find?

This morning, I read an interview Hillary Rain did with artist Lakin Easterling (isn't that a great name?) Within the interview was a link to this song by a musician I've never encountered before, Matthew Perryman Jones. In his music, I found the spirit I had been needing for the latest chapter of Deep in the Far Away.

After a while of writing, I sat back to thank the universe for this gift given from an unexpected alignment of words, songs, magic. But although thanks are always due, I had to admit the gift was infact not given. It was with me all along, and this morning what I actually got was a reminder.

That spirit for my story's chapter, it was the spirit I've had for the story all along. I just forgot it for a day or two, as I often do when I'm focussing too much on the words, typing, thinking. Infact, it was the same spirit I bring to all my writing, to one degree or another. I can only describe it in metaphor, in the image of a lush, half-smiling woman who sits in the wild night, her breath like wild smoke, her skin tattoed with dirt and starlight, and she imbibes the dark poetic love of the wind, and answers it back with dirt-coloured, star-blessed poems of her own.

I also understood it wasn't chance, or even universal design, which led me to that song, that spirit, this morning. I have Hillary Rain's weblog in my feed reader because the words she uses are in my own constellation. She uses them differently to me, but I've learnt over the years that, if I trawl for such words, I'll find, over and again, random magical moments of inspiration.


  1. Oh my word! Your description of the spirit your writing embodies, that woman you describe touches something deep within me. That's so beautiful! She is who I long to express within myself. And yes, that is exactly the essence that I've felt in your stories so far.

  2. Thank you both! I can't express my happiness, knowing "she" is seen in my writing.

    Jodi, may your spirit be blessed with the courage and surrendering self-love which will allow you to express its wild and beautiful truth. I am not there myself - thank goodness I have stories.