on the duskline between day and night

I wanted to give you something beautiful and meaningful this evening, because it's that kind of evening - the pale, gentle light is fading, trembling with a cold breeze; the neighbour's roses sway dreamily; and I can smell barbecue smoke from thirty years ago. I remember breathing it in until I felt like smoke myself. I remember looking out across the sky to memories of things I had not yet experienced, and watching night rise up, and knowing I was defenceless beneath the bare regard of stars through manuka trees.

People say morning is the moment for hope and promise, but I think there's nothing that wakes the heart more than the twang of mystery and suggestion which slips in on a shadowy evening wind. In the morning you look forward to the day. In the evening, though, you can imagine forever.

But anyway, I can't give you anything beautiful or meaningful tonight, because I'm tired, and distracted by looming deadlines for Deep in the Far Away. So instead, some tweets. Do you use twitter? I have not really done so over the years, but for some reason this week I tweeted more than usual ...

Research just in: apparently, browsing online book reviews over cups of tea is not the most effective way to get one's own book written.

Research also suggests compiling pinterest boards for yr book doesn't get it written either. But more experimentation on this may be needed.

Thought I saw a hashtag "natureislife" & went to add it to my tweet, only to realise it said "natureselfie." No wonder we have an eco crisis.

Good: recycling shipping containers. Bad: everything inside. What's the point if ur going to decorate like that?!! http://news.distractify.com/culture/it-looks-rusty-but-inside-this-shipping-container-is-a-stunning-home/?v=1 …

I made a soundtrack for Deep in the Far Away instead of working on Deep in the Far Away http://8tracks.com/windknitter/deep-in-the-far-away … #amwriting #amprocrastinating

Why is it so good to say as much as possible with the fewest words? What about a rich, voluptuous, meandering, use of language?

What about luxuriating in the telling of a moment, or using words to unravel the alluring complexity of a person's silence?

Have you ever noticed how there's a moment in the evening when the sky turns the colour of the sea? And then you remember how you are slowly tipping down into the darkness, on the far and sunless side of the world. You hold on to earth with your toes, but if you let your heart and your mind open up, the ride is magical.

I wish you a lovely day or evening where ever you are on Earth.

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  1. Oh yes. Yes yes yes. Holding onto the earth with your toes.

    Bless you.