talking with the world

This morning I woke to an epiphany regarding life's meaning. I quickly wrote down notes about it, then made myself toast and tea and settled in for my morning's internet reading. Part of that always involves gathering material for my daughter to read, and so today I was scanning articles about World War II, looking for heroes whose inspiring stories I could share with her. As usual, I got caught up in my research, and spent a long while immersed in stories about Hugh O'Flaherty and Colonel Kappler, and writing down for my daughter all the questions that were rising in my own mind.

It came as no surprise to me that what I was reading spoke directly to the epiphany I had this morning. Life is in constant conversation with itself.

Unfortunately, I can not tell you yet about my insight into life's meaning, because that would be a spoiler for chapter twelve of Deep in the Far Away, which goes out next week. Yes, that's right, my epiphany came from trying to work out character motivations for what happens next in the book.

I love how writing (and reading) can do that - can draw you so deep into the experience of living that you naturally attract important thoughts about what life is really about.


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    1. fi, i'm sure you won't read this reply but i just wanted it written here that i appreciate your graciousness and friendliness, thank you :-) and i am so grateful you share your lovely photos with us.