trip-trapping along the magic way

Last night I dreamt the ending of Deep in the Far Away, and I woke murmuring, reaching instinctively for a pen. These past weeks of writing have taught me that the heart is more full than the mind ever realises.

Because today is publication day, along with being an all-kinds-of-other-things day, I shall leave you with some links to visit. And my wishes for your happiness, all around the world.

Orkneyjar is a website of the fading folklore of the Orkney Islands.

The everyday heart-magic of ordinary people is wonderful to see in this video. But the man at the end will chill you right through. What would you do if you were in this situation?

A new (or infact old) way of looking at wage labour.

Beatrice and the Mail Truck : a free story from Sylvia Linsteadt.

Lesley Frost gives a narrative reading of her father Robert's poems.

Gorgeous music from Emily Jane White.

Twelfth Night, the full Shakespeare play as directed by Kenneth Branagh.

And an story from me: The Wise Woman.

1 comment:

  1. my first thought, oh no, not the end
    i am so happy for you, that the end can rise through you in this way
    i am so enjoying your story, your writing, the way you color it with words
    the rhythm and details
    thank you so much for this special experience of reading as you are writing
    and for sharing links that are delicious