2014 retrospective

The year began with sunshine and storms, and meeting people we knew from one carpark in another hundreds of miles away, which is what happens when you go to the right places for yourself. You discover that travelling doesn't equate with moving away : everything you love, everything meaningful, goes with you in one way or another.

January saw us on a far shore. It was fish and chips, sudden tides, and a long drive through mountains.
February brought a reminder of how dreams woven from other people's illusions only dissipate in the light.
March was a month of adventure. Sometimes we need to explore the geography of our soul.
April unfurled with beautiful storms. What are you like when the hurricane is coming?

May took us into gold. And I brought back Driftways.
June rained. We walked it barefoot in the white winds, the dark skies.
July, I deleted most of my pinterest boards and tethered myself to the golden rule.
August was for wandering and staying, as it always is.

September found me Deep in the Far Away. I didn't dive or fall into the mystery of it, I was pulled under.
October saw a dream come true. And we stood on a hill and watched the sun melt gold into a vast silver ocean.
November was deep down and dark forest.
December was like a deciduous tree, offering promises and shedding others that should have fallen long ago.

The year ended with all its memories and sad, beautiful, solemn, soaring moments nourishing the ground for next year. I am looking forward to what 2015 might bring. I learned in 2014 that you never really know what is possible until you open yourself to all the wild, rambling paths of the heart. And then, almost anything is possible.


  1. I tried to do a review also but I don't have that many words so I used photos instead. the thing about memories is that, either you remember or you forget, so I'm hoping to remember good things and forget the bad.

    as you are a day ahead, it's already new year's where you are, I wish you a blissful 2015. happy new year!

  2. my goodness
    you sure know how to offer your year in a way that touches my heart
    and inspires vitality, depth and and joy to explore this moment into the next year

    may your new year overflow in dreams come true

  3. Thank you both for such kind friendship.

  4. 2014 - you were there. I am thankful you were and sharing. xoxo

  5. Truly...I wish that you could review my own year for me, but yours is a gift, as were your words and photography throughout the year. I look forward to the glimmery thread of your life weaving through mine again in the year ahead.