- go slow and gentle in the cathedral that is the world -

Yesterday we went to an evening market and had dinner on the beach, watching the water go from milky to shivery grey as a warm, drizzling rain drifted in. Today, that rain has lingered, making for long and quiet hours. And so, from my hushed heart, a selection of my week's internet discoveries ...

Slow tv : this documentary made me cry at least twice. The beauty of it, the simple, gentle sense of community, gave me hope that people really do still care.

This blogpost on pomegranates is both informative and enticing.

Here is a cathedral made from living trees. My own cathedral is the wind-swept breast of a hill, or my back doorstep in a westerly breeze. Really, everywhere may be considered a cathedral, at least that is how I feel, although our individual spirits resonate most with certain places. What is your cathedral?

How much plastic is floating in our oceans? Here is a report with a vivid illustration of the problem.

Here is a story called the dream makers from Singing Over the Bones.

So many of the weblogs in my feed reader have gone silent over the past year. I wish gentleness was valued more. Imagine if peaceable, encouraging weblogs had as many thousands of readers as the snarky ones, the bare-faced advertorial ones. Rhayne - A Map of my Planet is the weblog of one of my favourite photographers. She hasn't written there in a long time but her archives remain, and are beautiful.

I feel very strongly about the force of silence, not only in terms of political silence but in the simplicities and intimacies of our daily lives. When I saw the lovely, brave-voiced, beautiful-voiced Antoinette at Dark Side of the Broom had linked to this video, I went straightaway to watch it. And now to share it with you.

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I hope you are experiencing a day that is exactly the sort of beautiful you love.


  1. That tree cathedral is lovely! As for me, nature - the woods - is my cathedral.

  2. Swooning over your links as usual.... thank you.

  3. Lovely words and images and thanks for the links...

  4. Only in the eyes of one who see much deeper then others....yes a cathedral is a place of worship, but worship is all around us. I so see your cathedrals as well. Your Ted tv I watch them on a regular basis and always find something inspiring and heart pounding in the messages.

    Love your links, and your header along with your blog name made me stop and think and listen to what it had to tell me!

    Thank you for the enlightenment

    Hope to see you over at my place of inspiring play.


  5. Thanks for the links, your lovely images and words. So glad I stopped by to visit!

  6. I hadn't thought of it that way before!! Thank you!!

  7. Wanted to say that I've been reading through many of your posts lately, and it's always a treat, always so beautiful. It also made me laugh, seing that TED talk about slow TV. I'm from Norway, and didn't realize it was a special thing. I don't have a TV so I didn't watch those documentaries, but I visited my aunt in the summer, and it was a big thing there, and they checked that channel often, to see where the boat was, what was happening.