all the love in the world

When I first read about women falling in love with a character in a phone app, I felt deeply sad. So many people suffer such isolation these days, such disconnection from other people and real nature, they are getting the emotional connection they desire from call centre conversationalists and video game characters. I thought this is heartbreaking.

But then.

I did my regular morning weblog reading, and I was reminded of how I care about various strangers I've never even met before - people I can't even sure are who they say they are. Some of them I don't even know what they look like. But still, it's easy to care about them.

It made me think of how we are a such a wonderfully loving species. (Although I don't like to talk of species really, because I'm not scientific - I believe our souls are our selves, and our bodies are simply about the experience we have in the world.) We people have a great tendency to love. Oh, how we deny it! How we hurt each other, kill each other. But our best and deepest instinct is love.

(As of course it may also be so for birds, animals, trees. We tend to think humans are the only ones who feel anything.)

So I came to realise how wonderful it is that people fall in love with fake boyfriend apps, and book characters, and movie actors. It's not something to be mocked or saddened by. It shows the beautiful way of our souls.

Here are some things I fell in love with recently ...

12 simple things that can bring peace into your home.
The theme music to Picnic at Hanging Rock (one of my favourite movies.)
The ideal body type over time (for women ... funny how it's never really changed much for men.)
Kids These Days.

And this perspective from Kelly Sauer is making me rethink my own attitude to my writing.

Joining with Kim Klassen for Friday Finds.


  1. Yes, we were made to love. It's as necessary as breathing.

  2. Have you been to Hanging Rock? It's a seriously strange place. Nearby is a road where your car will roll uphill if you leave it in neutral. Haven't seen the movie, got the book somewhere at the back of a shelf.

    Wanted to reply to the other - but it's bedtime and I'm fuzzy, LOL. But love. I think we probably keep it back too much. Set up rules for when and who. It ends up hand in hand with guilt. Pity, really...

    1. I haven't been to Hanging Rock but I have camped in places in Australia which were so haunted, I was scared going into the woods incase when I came out I found seven years had passed me by. The land there is still alive with its ancient spirits ... or perhaps better to say that the veil between worlds is thinner there. It affected me deeply - several of the poems in The Memory of Light are about my time in Australia.

      The book is as beautiful in its own way as the movie, and the "ending" which was written much later as an add-on is equally strange and magical. I've also read about the true events which the story was based on, and the mythology behind it all. Enchanting, although in an eerie way!

      When I read Stolen by Lucy Christopher I kept feeling the wild, silent, deep magic of Australia between her words. There's no mythic element in that book, but she captures the feeling of the land. Of course, the best books about the land are the ones which explore Aboriginal spirituality, such as Songlines by Bruce Chatwin.

      Sorry to go on! I love the place. Sometimes when the fires are bad in Australia, we get haunted sunsets, and in the west the shadow of the land washes in on our white tides.

  3. I understand how people can fall for fictional characters, it's as much as falling for a piece of artwork or a book, though, I dare not say the love for a person, real or fictional, and the love of an object is the same, but one can speak about it along the same line. I suppose we find ourselves in other people, though we probably do not realize it, I know I find certain people easy to get along with and yet, find others hard, even when I do know them well.

    I admire and follow a lot of bloggers but I cannot say I really know them, but only what they share on their blogs and what they said in the comments. if I wasn't such an internal person, I would be speaking with every one of those bloggers every day, but at last, I'm not good when it comes to communications. I suppose, it's easier to know someone from a distant, because the safety of distance does keep the shyness away, does it not?

    anyway, I hope you have a lovely day.

    1. It is in degrees, of course. And I have a whole lot more to say on the subject in response but don't want to be too open. Might even delete this post.

  4. Agreed - our first instinct is LOVE! And what a wonderful shot of the blossoms...

  5. Beautiful. Thoughtful. Loving. Please don't delete this post. I especially enjoyed reading 'Kids These Days'.

  6. i suppose falling in love with a book character is much the same.
    how lovely to consider our depth for love