summer and soul links

Today the sky lies against my skin as if it is exhausted. It hangs from trees and clings to the ground, leeching away the old earthy coolness. When I went to put my laundry on the line, mid-afternoon, my bare feet hurt against the bricks. This is the lemonade and late afternoon swimming season. It goes on forever, each day.

The grass is still green, and it shimmers with yellow flowers. In another month or two, it will be entirely gold. And then I'll have no skin left, only summer wrapped around me, and my breath will be heat, heat, as dry as the grass and full of tiny bitter prickles.

Here are some things I enjoyed reading online this week.

This story post at Emma Tree.

This poem about witches, about all women, at The Indigo Vat.

The Lascaux Anthology ebook is free at the moment.

The Selkie Wife's Daughter - a sad and beautiful poem.

I am generally speaking pro-vaccination, but please inform yourself about Gardasil.

Interesting new research into depression. It's worth remembering that reactive depression (being upset or grief-stricken about something that has happened) is different from what they're discussing here.

Walking the Story by Martin Shaw.

This beautiful video of forest life.

Listening to the land's dreaming.

A world without darkness.

This woman built herself a beautiful greenhouse using the old Kiwi-can-do attitude.

I have also added new lists at the bottom of my webspace - beloved books, music, and indie writers. I'm not so keen on all that text, but it seemed better than adding heavyweight sidebars here in this space.


  1. I need not search the internet myself when I have you sharing these marvelous links. Thank you, sarah.

  2. What a wonderful space you have here :)