wisdom and art

I hope yesterday I wasn't so polite that people didn't understand I was grumbling (as nicely as possible) about the dispensation of Wise Words rather than good old from-the-heart wisdom or, even better, travel stories from the confused path which we all trudge, barefoot or in slightly too big gumboots, with a faulty lantern and no map, towards wisdom.

Sometimes I worry that niceness can have an opposite effect, and end up sounding like one is praising oneself instead of trying not to upset other people.

I often feel the temptation to post Wise Words - audiences like them, they bring in views, make posts go viral, look nice on pinterest posters. But when I'm down on my knees in the dirt, Wise Words are like a poke in the back from on high. Whereas wisdom helps me to see the minerals, herbs, nourishment in the dirt - and stories from people who have been there too give me real advice on how to get myself back up.

That doesn't mean we can't write beautifully about dirt and about dark, twisty paths. I just want to remind myself, now and again, that real is always better than glossy.

Anyway, today I thought I would share with you some of the artists I have found in my online wanderings. As always, I will unfortunately but inevitably miss out some names, so if you have any artists you like, please share them in the combox.

A Mermaid in the Attic
Natasha Reilly
Amanda Clark
Dee Dee Chainey
Heart Box Studio
Karen Davies
Sea Angels
Rima Staines
Helena Nelson Reed
Lissa at The Memory of Rain
Seawashed Living
Lucy Pierce
Tammie at Beauty Flows
Raquel Somatra
Autumn Skye Morrison
Swan Bones Theatre
Lesley Austin
Terri Windling
Lorena at The Bone Lantern
Virginia Lee

And if you are pinning or posting to tumblr a piece of artwork, please consider adding the artist's name and original site, so people can learn more about them and enjoy more widely their work. 

By the way, I have instituted a pop-up window for comments and hope this solves the difficulty in commenting that some people report experiencing.


  1. applause, applause, sweet sarah! i struggle with this, feel, as i've mentioned before, that i should be teaching, should have a lesson to impart, when i so so sooooo do not.

    real is always better than glossy.


  2. I couldn't agree with you more about Wise Words ... Wise Quotes ... I myself have been guilty of posting wise (quotes) ... but you put it very eloquently when you likened them to a poke in the back ... it's very true ...

  3. It's the nitty-gritty, the dirty, fall-on-the-floor in a slumped abdication kind of day that praises both wise words and the less glossy.

    Kind-hearted thanks for linking, sweet sarah.

  4. That's where all the best stories come from - the soil ;-) thanks for even more lovely links Sarah and the pop up comment box is sooooo much better! x

  5. I heard your "grumbling" quite clearly, tho' I would just call it honesty and I am heartily glad you are writing about it.

    One of my New Years endeavors has been to pare down all of my online world and when I was unfollowing blogs this morning, I noticed that it was the ones I signed up for in more "needy" times that I was able to let go of. The bright and shiny ones. What I am really looking for are the softly glowing and earthy ones, like yours.

    Thank you so much for including my blog in your list. I hope it means you find sincerity there. Do you remember many years ago a small conversation we had, somewhere, about what I think you called "everyday real"?

  6. So true - authenticity is far better than anything else.