words like apples, needing to fall

There's no eloquence possible on a day like today. The heat, the humidity, they soak through any possible stories and melt my heart away. And yet, I am weighted heavily with words and can not rest because of them. I am a tree that needs shaking.

the language of birds
singing the old way home
the river trees

I want to gather my words up from shadowy ground, wrap them in sweet pastry, and eat them. But it's just too hot. There may be shadows, but there is no coolness within them. No breeze. The air is too heavy for anything to fall through.

elder water
wild rose tea
the riverbed

By the way, thank you to those people who have befriended me on Goodreads. You should know that I have utterly lost my password, and all friend requests are going to an old account I never use. I keep it only so I can add my own books when I need to. Mind you, I don't know when I'll have another book to add - that depends on whether this hot weather ends and we get some rain, some cold breezes. Right now, my muse and I are dancing, round and round we're dancing, and when I try to speak the stories that spin in his lovely eyes, all I say is heat.


  1. You swelter. I shiver. Two sides of the same leaf.

  2. Love the way you write ... wonderful post !
    Have a nice week,