When the days grew finally cooler last week, I knew not to rejoice. I knew it wouldn't last. So often I've been relieved by the cooling, only to suffer worse when the heat returned. This year, I was determined to have sensible foresight -

It didn't help. Absolutely not, knowing the heat was coming back did not help one bit when it returned.

So now we make the long trudging path towards Mabon and the true turning of the season. And we just try to cope.

Seems just about everyone these days is sending out a newsletter. I've been wondering if I want to also. Maybe notes from behind the scenes of writing, or maybe homeschooling thoughts. What do you think? Considering I write almost daily at my weblog, it seems a little redundant, but I do feel rather that I'm missing out on the party!

Wonderful news: the new film from Kin Fables is out. And Dawn Klinge has a free e-book on offer. And this video by Hank Green is full of really good advice on how to get on with getting on.


  1. And here, I just want it to stop snowing. :)
    I hope you get some relief soon, we've had summers like that here and it's so hard to take.
    You captured the feel of the heat in your lovely image.

  2. Thank you Sarah. : ) I would say yes to a newsletter! It might be a good way for you to highlight some posts that people might have missed.

  3. While I am most definitely looking forward to the snow letting up here in Canada, I am not looking forward to the heat of Summer. I definitely relate to your feelings of longing for Mabon!

    I suppose newsletters and good for some. But I think you're right. You are a prolific blog writer and the medium suits you well, I think. I would just stick with it. I love reading your posts!

  4. I'm so sorry that you're suffering in blistering heat! Your photo really conveys the heat.

    If *you* want to do a newsletter, then you should. I do subscribe to a couple. There is one I really *love*. The rest I tend to skim and delete.

  5. Liz in Missouri USAFebruary 21, 2015 at 3:46 AM

    Do you mean a newsletter INSTEAD of your blog?
    That would make me sad.
    just sayin'