Growing Hope for the Future

I am a thorough-going homeschooler. I initially kept my child out of school for several reasons, but the more I considered it the more those reasons became anchored to one core belief : the current educational system is not a good one.

I'm not entirely against the outsourcing of a child's education. But there are only two schools in the country which I would have contemplated, which I guess that shows how particular my standards are (standards which admittedly I haven't necessarily met myself in homeschooling.)

Mainly, I believe the system is fundamentally lacking in essential elements we so desperately need for our society these days, such as compassion, kindness, co-operation, spirituality, tolerance, inclusiveness, practicality, and family connection. I'm not saying anything against most teachers, I am only discussing the system here. We have a curriculum which deals only with intellectual learning, with facts imposed from upon high, and where art, craft, and physical being are all considered separate subjects (and often neglected). It's no surprise really that we now have generations of people who don't understand basic good nutrition; who are suffering illnesses arising from the imbalance between head, heart, and hands; who get stuck on the whole consumerist treadmill; and who only care about their own profit.

The education and upbringing of our children is the most important thing we do for this world. I believe it's here that changes must be made if we want peace. Here that changes must be made if we want to save the climate. The children are our earth. What will we grow in them?

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  1. The fruits of the spirit would be my choice to grow... if we can teach the love of the Lord, He can plant the seeds. Thank you for sharing these thoughtful words on the Art of Home-Making Mondays.