Head, Heart, and Hands

I hope you will enjoy this small collection of links which reflect my love of peaceful, magical living and learning ...

Waldorf teacher resources.
"Nothing can take the place of our inner work. Any education simply based on methods and materials is not alive. The task of a Waldorf teacher is to teach artistically. We teach artistically when we are connected with the spiritual world, as this is where all true art finds its source. Art is the result of the life force that flows through us from this source and it is reflected in how we prepare and deliver a lesson. It is reflected in how we attune and respond to the needs of the children while in the classroom."

Frontier Dreams and The Magic Onions
So many weblogs have disappeared over the years, to be replaced with a new generation whose children are so much younger than mine. When I see how many families now write about Waldorf-inspired homeschooling, compared with even just ten years ago, it's heartening - and yet makes me wish I had such a plethora of resources back then!

Whole Family Rhythms

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge
Still my favourite book for early childhood, not so much for the amount of information it contains (because it's a small book) but the feeling of it. I mention it every chance I get.

Bread-making songs

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