Lost and Found

Every once in a while I pause to consider the name of this webspace. You know how it began, many years ago - with an image of an old woman halfway up a hill, knitting the wind into stories. I liked the image, used the phrase, and have spent the years since wondering if I was crazy to do so.

Without explanation, the phrase means nothing. Also, I smile every time someone follows me on Bloglovin and I visit their profile only to see that they mostly follow knitting weblogs - and I wonder, did they follow me just because of my weblog name? I also get a lot of Google searches based on knitting. And I've noticed that other people are starting to use the phrase for their own things, which makes me wonder about trademarking and originality.

On the other hand, I've been "knitting the wind" for almost ten years now, and I suppose there is some recognition value in that.

The question always shunts me into another one - just exactly what do I offer in this space, anyway? I know I am far too inconsistent for real success. That inconsistency means I have a diverse audience - which I love, but it does lead to uncertainty sometimes about what to write. (Of course, there's nothing wrong with meandering!)

I also know that I want to speak with intention, and with a sense of my responsibility towards society, and I wonder how best to do this. It feels like a wonderful privilege to have a public platform, regardless of how small, and I want to do the best I can with it.

To paraphrase Mary Oliver - tell me, what will you do with your one wild and precious voice?

Of course, I've been wrestling with this for years. So I have no answers tonight, only a collection of links for you - things found and loved throughout this week.

Turns out it is in human nature to be compassionate.

Letting children speak their truth.

Five great, practical ways to put aside worry.

Someone wrote special music for cats, and it's beautiful.

I laughed good-heartedly over this charming moment with the pope.

This post about staying gentle in the loud world was most-read here lately. And one of my posts about a mother's creativity was recently published in Voice in Journal.

The Art of Wildness is a lovely new blog-find for me.

After yesterday's post : here is a quote from another Russian writer I love.

Finland will be teaching unit studies in public schools. I have mixed feelings about this, and would love to hear the opinions of my fellow homeschoolers.

Have a blessed, beautiful day.

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  1. Oh thank you! That means a great deal coming from you. I love your words, whatever form they take. X

  2. I think it's a lovely name...lovely nature shots, too!

  3. I've been musing over similar ideas lately. My web-site name, my blog name... and what you say about being far too inconsistent for success... yes to that. Sigh...

  4. Sarah, very few blogs today are as authentic as Knitting The Wind is. I don't find your blog inconsistent at all, in fact, I believe I have a very good understanding of you from every post you write. If someone reads just a handful of your posts, they would know exactly what "Knitting The Wind" means. You offer so many good things here, especially the people you introduce us to.
    I figure, as with my own blog, you never know who you will touch or in what capacity, by what we write. As long as we write honestly and passionately and have readers who keep coming back to us for whatever their reasons, we're using our public spaces with intention.

    (hope all that makes sense) Have a beautiful day Sarah! xo

  5. Such a lovely, sincere post. I think all of us, whether we have blogs or not, have moments where we question what we're doing and why we are doing it. However, I believe with all my heart if we come from a place of sincerity and love, we will find our way. Happy Friday!

  6. I love the name/phrase, it sounds dreamy and full of unsaid things. I wouldn't change it.

    I, too, struggle with content and I'm far more inconsistent than you but I've always liked whatever you posted and wrote, no matter the subject.

    I hope you have a lovely day.

  7. I love the image of a woman knitting the wind into stories. I feel the wind whispers many things. I love your blog, you writing.

  8. I find your writing both magical and grounding. I love the images that 'knitting the wind' brings to mind. I love coming here and resting...or pondering...and always with gratitude for the Universe guiding me to your cyber-home.

  9. So many lovely comments, thank you so much! I really adore my readers endlessly. And I appreciate more than I can say your kind words.

  10. This is such a lovely, honest post, Sarah. I adore the name of your site... it's beautiful.

    I often wonder what I'm offering the world on my blog, as well. My ramblings & photos don't have much of a purpose. But it's what I enjoy sharing, and I'll continue to follow people who post for no reason other than to make the interwebs a prettier place. <3 xx