Sharing the Wonder

The internet is such a blessing in so many ways. Here are some e-things I found and loved this week ...

An engaging way to spread the message about overcoming domestic violence. On that same subject, 50 reasons why 50 Shades of Grey is not a healthy reading experience.

Make your own font!

A new home with a beautiful, loving community for this old dog.

The yin and yang of storytelling : this was the post here at Knitting the Wind which interested most people this week.

The artist of the above painting is Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale. There are some more pictures by her on my pinterest board of fairytale imagery.

A new kind of map at Mermaid in the Attic, just stunning.

Heather writes of how she achieved a long-held dream ... but in a way she never expected.

How gardening is good for you.

Musing about the true places in our landscapes, over at Myth & Moor.

I am still reading Meadowland as it's been too hot to do much reading. Really, such a beautiful book - it is just the sort of living book which Charlotte Mason would recommend to homeschoolers.


  1. you have kept me busy as i visited some of these wonderful sites
    thank you for sharing
    wishing you a cool breeze

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, Sarah. I just love the painting above. There's a sweet, calming peacefulness about it - just like your writing.