The Sound of Peace

Sometimes the world and the mind clatter loud with words, and with thoughts about who you should be, and I think what's happening at these times is that the heart is saying, peace.

Saying the noise has got so much that it's bothering the heart and the wild strange place beneath the heart, and now listen -

Just be quiet, with peace.

It's not that I think peace is more valuable than rose-gold abundance and glorious song. It's not enough that I particularly like being quiet. 

It's about hearing what you need to learn. 

So sometimes the call for quiet sounds like noise, noise. Overtalking, using the wrong words and realising you've offended someone, their silence slamming up against your stumbling apology, still talking, dropping dishes, shutting doors too loud, worrying, worrying. All of it, together, echoing, says - 

Wha you need is peace. 


  1. Elizabeth Waggoner USAMarch 12, 2015 at 4:43 AM


  2. This is a useful insight for me. Thank you x

  3. I just feel such a need to be quiet right now. There are so many voices out there, that it often leaves my head spinning, and I feel drained. I feel called to just listen, and strengthen my own voice within me.