How to Have a Good Day

Today is Good Friday in my part of the world, a quiet day, a day for planting flowers, reading books, and thinking about all the kindness that has been given to the world. I went for a stroll, because sometimes being inside house walls can prevent you from remembering just how much you are inside life (and inside love).

I'm glad I did. I hadn't been discontented, but going outdoors certainly deepened my peace. Everything had the sense of being held in cupped hands. Breezes whispered warm and peaceful through the trees, and there was a suggestion of rain although it did not come to anything.

Just being here, in companionship with all other living things around me : that was how I had a good day today.

Now for my usual Friday offering, a collection of things I've seen and enjoyed this week. And I wish you blessings for your weekend, whatever your religion may be.

This lecture on the veracity of the Gospels is at times laugh out loud funny, and I was fascinated by how such a tedious subject (for example, a lot of time is spent explaining naming patterns in the cultures of the time) could actually be so interesting and persuasive.

This letter written to an airline pilot made my heart fill with beautiful light.

25 maps that explain the English language.

Please consider protesting against the cruel production of angora products.

Protecting the last male white rhino in the world.

Could Antartica ever get warmer than New York? You might be shocked by the answer.

This story of the unexpected wilding of a placenta enchanted me.

How is the 13th fairy in Sleeping Beauty a blessing?

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

Beautiful bodies of beautiful women.

Thanks and love to everyone still reading my little weblog of wild and quiet wonderings. I appreciate you all very much.

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  1. Being outside in nature has a way of anchoring people. Lovely shot.

  2. Being outside definitely stirs lots of things and helps to find peace and calm as well.

  3. Gorgeous photo, lovely post! xoxo

  4. Nature always brings such peace...what a lovely photo.

  5. I'm off to see the 25 maps! We study language in my house- I think this will be a fun read!

  6. Your links are always enticing. Thanks for these and your thoughts on this holy day.

  7. What a lovely photo and a great collection of links!

  8. Always enjoy your links, Sarah. And photography. And thoughtful words. A favorite blog to visit.