Samhain Blessings

Last night beneath the drifting moon, on my way from yoga to home, still drifting myself with the shared energy of community, I remembered that it was Samhain.

(Traditionally so, anyway. The astronomical date is the sixth of May this year.)

I knew the veil would be thin, but even as I gathered myself into awareness of it, neighbours began coming home en masse. Cars passing, people talking - the deep mystery of the night was hard to touch with all this noise happening. I had to laugh. Usually nights here are peaceful, everyone indoors by dark. Perhaps they were drawn out by the wild winter spirit of the evening ...

Now is the season of the old woman. Now is the time of the white moon and the wind. Yesterday, the sea had gone to green. The secret river behind my house was stirring with dreams. The birds beside the waters have changed as some migrate or grow up and leave their parents and others arrive. I watch how they stand so I know the precise direction of the wind. I close my eyes as leaves and hard brown seeds are blown past me. The hag with her eyes like winter oceans and her hair like clouds gathers up skirts, petticoats, principles, half-forgotten wishes, bones, and dances with the storm.

It's Friday, which means I share with you some of the things I have enjoyed online this week ...

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