Shadows On the Land

There is a desperation lately in the bright blue sky, as if it is stretched too tight, too dry. Although we get some rain, it's not enough. I read today that my country has increased its carbon emissions significantly in the past few years, and I ashamed to be living under the governance of our current leaders. We are in a position to do so much good for the climate, and yet we allow fracking, oil drilling, and the ravishment of precious conservation land. I look at the parched sky, the dried-up gardens, and I weep for future generations who will inherit so much worse.

Yesterday I offered a set of links; today I offer another - things I've seen like cloudshadows gliding over the fields and houses of e-land.

The eeriness of the English landscape. Dread and memory on the downs ... "landscape is figured as a porous or brittle substance, and in which place operates often only as a sum total of losses and confusions."

Emma Tree : uniquely, ethereally poetic writing.

Dreamland and Drifting : "…there are angels in nature walking amongst the trees and whispering the secret language of sacred things." By Jodi Sky Rogers.

Women in science.

The one man invasion of Sark. This is hilarious.

Renoir. This looks like a gorgeous film.

Beverly Lewis. I confess that I rather like reading her books. I know, I know. But the characters are so lovely. I come away feeling comforted and enriched.

Skinfood NZ. I just have to give a shout out to this wonderful company, I am in love with their products and their beautiful ethos.


  1. we could all do better, it is sad.
    thank you for the links.

  2. I think of what we will have left in say, about 10 years even. Frightening to think of it and I take seriously my stewardship of the total 66 acres that we have. Every year, I commit to planting more and more trees on the land. It never seems enough however, but if we could all commit to doing at least something or delete some of the harmful things we do, it would make such a difference.
    I look forward to exploring the links you have shared Sarah!