Today the sun was so endlessly bright, it hurt my eyes and my heart. I wanted to drag the colour from the sky. I wanted to sing up the old winter woman and set her sweeping my world with a white wind broom. It's not just that I dislike summer, but also that it feels wrong to have such brightness so late in April.

I was deeply sad to see Jonathon Crombie has died. It's a tragedy for his family and friends. Many people are of course writing about his tv role as Gilbert Blythe.

I came to Anne of Green Gables in my late teens, and have loved it ever since. The first tv series was such a joy (although I felt each following series got worse and worse as they drifted further from the books.) The photography was beautiful, the actors fabulous. And yet, this was a rare instance in which actors never became the images in my head for book characters. How could they, after all? Anne and Gilbert are almost like real people.

Since I'm on the subject, I will add that for me - unlike what seems to be the entire feminine population - Gil isn't my ideal hero (you may be surprised at who is). But he is my ideal of a dad. It seems right to me, as an adult reader, that the charm and cleverness of young Gilbert is fulfilled in his kind, steady fatherhood.

Gilbert was accustomed to refer to himself as "an old married man." But he still looked upon Anne with the incredulous eyes of a lover. He couldn't wholly believe yet that she was really his. It might be only a dream after all, part and parcel of this magic house of dreams. His soul still went on tip-toe before her, lest the charm be shattered and the dream dispelled. - Anne's House of Dreams. 

Today's photo was edited with a Kim Klassen texture.


  1. Yes, that was sad to read, and still young.

  2. Yes, very sad. I always preferred the books to the show.
    This photo that you shared is very beautiful.

  3. Though I haven't watched any movie/TV/play of Anne of Green Gables, I was saddened to hear of 'Glibert's' death. The Anne books were my absolute favorites as a child... I must have read the series over a hundred times. <3