Twenty Ways to Love My Family

I would walk through fire for my child. Of course I would. So what will I do for my possible future grandchildren?

Will I ...

Shop using recycled bags
Conserve water
Plant flowers which encourage bees
Feed the sparrows
Walk rather than catch the bus
Wear cardigans instead of using a heater
Recycle plastic and paper waste
Buy eco-friendly products despite them costing more
Speak up about how many people and animals are experiencing climate related suffering
Refuse to believe our Prime Minister's stupid humor is more important than his stance on fracking
Support local merchants as much as possible
Buy organic when I can afford it
Reduce my purchases of plastic
Eat vegetarian
Share stories of inspiring environment protectors
Use my vote as a voice for nature
Choose power suppliers who use renewable sources of energy
Speak up, even though my voice does not have the same range as that of Pope Francis
Protest against oil drilling and fracking
Shop responsibly,

so that I can do my part to create a future world they can survive in?


  1. You're right. It's money that talks the loudest when it comes to things like this. I'm not sure I feel the same sense of hopelessness that you describe, but I do feel an urgency to do what's right and consume in the most responsible way I know how. I also think that speaking out is important. Thank you for doing so.

  2. Of course. I would like each and every person on this earth to start doing all that today. ( I would like to have everyone go vegan though :) All the carelessness makes sad.

    1. I was going to say vegan, but then there are issues with B12. And then too there are people like me who can't absorb non haeme iron so vegetarianism is hard. (Not impossible, but hard.)

    2. yes, there are many considerations in being vegan and B12 deficiency is a very important one. I get monthly injections, which unfortunately, health insurance does not cover. So, I've given up trips to the coffee shop. :) It's hard work to do the right thing, The problem is, some people don't want to start the conversation, admit there is a problem or change their own lives.
      I guess we all just do our parts and hope the people we reach will too. I love to hear what you have to say, it always leaves me feeling a little more empowered.

  3. I feel good about the small efforts we make, but your list reminds me that we will always have more work to do. On the up side, our whole house will soon be energized entirely by by solar power! It makes so much sense for a place like NM.

    1. I envy you! How wonderful to have solar power!

  4. Yes - we all need to start making a difference now!

    What a beautiful shot.

  5. How beautiful & thoughtful, Sarah! I adore this.

  6. What a thoughtful, sensitive post, Sarah. You made so many points that I've been thinking about lately. I'm trying to tread a little lighter on this earth and be an example for my grandchildren.Thank you for the gentle reminder. xoxo

  7. <3 yes, yes, yes! Beautifully said.