a moment of quiet

The tree outside my window is telling me about the wind. Its branches have been bared by the winter cold, and so it is silent now as gales stir it. But still I can hear knots in the way it moves. For those of you not here yesterday, I wrote about listening to the sky. Today, the conversation between us is lovely, wild - and yet, my hands and heart are poised a little unsteadily over my writing. The weight of things that might be told - the pages that might be written, but only if I do it - can be daunting. So I'm taking a little break to write the ordinary of my weblog.

It's Friday here at the edge of the world, which means sharing a few of my favourite finds ...

What was your name back through time? My 1920s name would have been Clyde!

Lamentation by A Mermaid in the Attic. I've shared this before but it's worth a repeat link.

Also, I am listening to Enya, although it is deeply uncool to do so. (I began enjoying her, and Clannad, long before they were popular, so perhaps that makes me a kind of retrograde cool?) Some of her music sounds like the wild, lonely places in my part of the world.

This article on a new resistant virus.

Are you an ugly ducking? by Laura Grace Weldon.

Bringing the sacred back into the world.

Melissa Wiley discusses teaching children to read.

I can't think of a description for this photograph except saudade. It was taken by Kim of Wildthorne.

I hope you all are having a beautiful day.

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  1. I love that nature speaks to us - if we just take the time to listen. Sounds like you're entering that time of year that requires cozy quilts, wool socks and hot tea. Enjoy it.

  2. I love this: "saudade".

    My 1920's name would have been "Elsa" : ) My 1890's name, "Albertine". x

  3. We have the Clannad CD of the 80's robin hood series, and most of Enya too... I love letting it drift through the house sometimes and my boys roll their eyes at me playing some of the lullaby music of their childhood ;-)

    1. I have that CD, and I'm embarassed to admit I loved that series. I used to be such a huge Clannad fan, I had all their albums even from way back when they were first starting out. Magical Ring was the soundtrack of my youth. I love their old Gaelic songs. I even went to see them in concert, and oh that was so magical! AND I met Enya once and got her autograph. She's so tiny. (I met Loreena McKennit too, she's also tiny and incredibly lovely.) Not meaning to brag here, just remembering these wonderful things all of a sudden and how happy they made me. Funny I could ever have forgotten.

    2. What fantastic memories! I'm more than a wee bit jealous :-) Also a lovely chunk of the soundtrack to my youth... I remember sitting by the radio cassette player, listening to all manner of stations just to press record on the tape at the right time ...(oh, and I think more people loved that tv series than would like to admit! My husband was a far bigger fan than me, and we both gleefully cringed when we found an old copy a few years back)

    3. Yes! I also sat by the radio poised to tape songs! How priceless to find someone else did this too!

  4. I'm also feeling the weight of possibility, thank you for your inspiring words today and yesterday. x

    My 1920's name would have been 'Nettie' which I kinda like :)

  5. My 1920's name would have been Esther. I like it. :)

  6. I'm honored to be included in your links round-up. Thank you Sarah.

  7. wind and trees
    wind and grass
    wind in our hair
    so much to say